viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Andalusia for beginners: Malaga

Following advices of more experienced friends we decided to spend only one day in Malaga – from what we had investigated there wasn’t that much to see there. So what we did first was discovering the Malagueta beach. Maybe not the best one around but there was the sun, some sand and cool water so we were happy. I absolutely loved the fact they have the sea AND the mountains. It wasn’t as busy as the main beach in Barcelona and also there were no ‘cerveza-beer’ guys. Also, the entire city smelt nice. I cannot explain it but somehow the moment we left the airport the air just smelt very fresh and simply pleasant. 

Later we wandered around the old town which was lovely. The prices of food were one of the first things to catch our attention – we could not believe it when we were charged 1,50€ for a beer AND quite a decent tapa.
Malaga is visually pleasant; the architecture of the old quarter is beautiful and full of vivid colours. You don’t get such pink, blue or orange buildings in Barcelona. Not that many in one place anyway.  We also walked through the amazing Parque de Malaga, a jungle-like park decorated with sculptures. 

Another surprising thing was the lack of the accent – or at least I did not notice any big difference in Malaga. Maybe we didn’t talk to many locals but those we spoke to had quite ‘normal’ accents and I could understand them perfectly.
In general though I can see myself getting a bit bored there if I stayed for longer than a couple of months. Maybe it’s one of side effects of living in such a buzzy city like Barcelona for a year… 

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