domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Fashionable Barcelona

I know the word fashion has been in happy marriage with Paris for centuries now but there is definitely something going on between fashion and Barcelona. The latter is like a fluorescent adolescent in comparison to chic Paris yet that’s what makes it interesting.
Fashion in Barcelona seems more relaxed and laid-back. Heels, women’s suits and little blacks are almost extinct here. The seaside climate encourages hippie loose trousers, colourful patterned skirts, cotton maxi dresses and all sorts of flats. Lots of dreadlocks, piercing and tattoos give Barcelona kind of an alternative hint. You can easily spot tourists when going out – they are usually overdressed.
Still, you can successfully shop in Barcelona no matter what your likings are.  
For posh and expensive stuff you’ll go to Passeig de Gracia. Famous designers, expensive high street. Worthwhile just to peek at shop windows, Replay’s jungle or Vuitton’s elephants are very plesant. If Holly Golightly wanted her breakfast at Tiffany’s in Barcelona this is where she would go. 
Vintage, cute and one of a kind clothes can be found in little boutiques all over Gracia and l’Eixample. The ones I particularly like are:
Padam (Gracia, metro Fontana, c/ Ros de Olano 4bis)
Modart (Gracias, metro Fontana, c/Asturias 34)
La Coqueteria (L’eixample, c/Girona 60)
When you’re on the budget, outlets are your friends. Apparently there’re quite a few in the town, especially around c/Girona. Mainly Spanish brands, such as Mango (c/Girona 37).
The most original things are to be found on street markets. You can spot there some reasonably priced handmade goodies – particularly jewellery and accessories. There are markets in Gracia, Raval, by the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya – to name just a couple!
An event to go to is The Shopping Night. Held in the centre (in December) it’s a great opportunity to buy something on sales, get free samples and shop until midnight. Streets full of people, music, stalls with local food and sangria to warm you up – in the very heart of Barcelona (Passeig de Gracia).

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